Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turkey Day!

Hope everyone had a tryptophan high like none other. Happy holidays, & we'll see you back in the markets...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

dWbstreet Futures Update

Greetings loyal traders.
It has been a long transition from the hustle of Los Angeles to Daytona Beach, Florida. I am currently awaiting my largest deposit of my life to go through (into my ThinkorSwim account) and I will be back trading full-bore. I cannot wait to get back to writing neural net programming for TOS. Thank you all for your patience. As soon as I am back trading I will commence with the YouTube videos as well@!!
Kind regards,

Friday, August 16, 2013

Floating P/L $$$

Look at the Floating P/L on this strategy!

This is a zero-lag oscillator based on a 'smoothed' Bollinger PercentB and 'smoothed' Slow Stochastic using a rainbow data series.

DMI Stochastic Extreme Signal

The DMI (Directional Movement Index) did a fantastic job, capturing the entire move down.

If you were hesitant to jump on board initially, the Stochastic Extreme gave 5 opportunities to get back into the trade. When the Oscillator is in a downtrend (red) and the stochastic comes up to the top (100 level) & prints a red arrow, you cannot get a better invitation. It is telling you that there is prior resistance there and supply is going to overwhelm the buyers.

The only time you disregard that signal is when the DMI Oscillator and Stochastic Extreme are of conflicting signals. If the Oscillator is green you cannot be that aggressive, and vice versa.

This is an 8 Tick Rangebar chart.

FOO-BAR & StopLight Signal

All the credit here to Mobius and Lar from the thinkScript Lounge.

The FOO-BAR showed a squeeze building just prior to the move (yellow dots between blue) indicating a coiling of volatility (the Bollinger Bands went inside of the Keltner Channels)

Once the squeeze fired, the StopLight indicator showed: Trend All Down.
CI (Choppiness Index)

Notice the Cyan dots on the FOO-BAR after the move down, just prior to the StopLight turning green...
These indicated an oversold RSI, and the White arrows indicated oversold stochastic.

Two indicators working beautifully in tandem! Also, the MESA Sine Wave showed an ideal reversal level on the string of red dots above the down move. Price came up to it, to the tick, before proceeding lower.

This is an 8 Tick Rangebar Chart

Double Stochastics/Ergodic Signal

This may have been the clearest signal of all...
A 25 Handle Move...on 1 /ES contract valued at $50/per. That is big money!

The Ergodic Oscillator breached the zero line.

Price breached the Double Moving Average (60 SMA & 110 EMA)

Double Stochastic BB's (White & Red Dots Painted on Line) indicating extremely negative sentiment.

This is an 8 Tick Rangebar Chart.

Woodies' CCI Signal

A picture perfect 'Slingshot'
The 14 period Turbo CCI  (TCCI) climbed all the way up over the 150 level, while
the 6 period CCI was rejected at the zero line.

...Then the CCI trendline was broken

...Add that to the fact that price had breached the 34 period EMA (Cyan Exponential Moving Average) and Woodies' LSMA (Least Square's Moving Average [Linear Regression]) was forming an apex with the 34 EMA from underneath...

And you have Pretty easy money.

This is an 8 Tick Rangebar chart.

William's Fractals Signal

In this new iteration of Bill William's Fractals study, where we incorporated chartbubbles for the arrow and price (boolean arrows weren't stackable in the original thinkScript), we saw some beautiful short entries off the Alligator's Jaw. This is an 8 tick Rangebar chart.

This script will be uploaded to the File Bank at shortly, for those who prefer the visuals. The logic is the same as the original...

Ichimoku Signal

Easy confirmation when the Chikou and price broke lower...This is a 5 Tick Rangebar Chart.


Even more apparent on the 8 tick interval...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Forex FlashBeck

U.S. failed to see much growth as the Producer Price Index came out dead flat and was even negative when food and energy are removed. The numbers show that the economy is falling short of Fed target rate of 2% annual inflation which could spike more taper talk. Crude oil has been range bound and gold has seen a slight recovery but both could see significant moves once the Fed's true stance on we tapering is revealed.

The EUR/USD dropped further against the dollar even on a day when it should have rallied. The flash GDP came in at .3% growth which officially ends Europe's longest recession in decades. The problem Europe still faces is high unemployment which, like we have seen in the U.S., can lead to an agonizingly slow recovery. (see EUR/USD below)

The USD/CHF continued to rally, enhancing our gains despite the fact that the Swiss ZEW report showed increased confidence in the Swiss business outlook for the next six months by institutional investors. Though the rally doesn't allow us to tighten our stop loss we can't complain about the gains. (see USD/CHF below)

The USD/CAD bounced around before closing slightly lower. We are watching for a bounce off the trend line or a rally to past resistance and currently there is more bearish pressure so we are watching for a support bounce however it needs to occur soon because the bearishness momentum is beginning to wane. (see USD/CAD below)

Market LookBeck

(Reuters) - The euro traded little changed against the dollar on Wednesday despite data showing the euro zone had emerged in the second quarter from its longest recession since its inception.

The euro initially jumped on the news but elevated U.S. Treasury yields and growing expectations the Federal Reserve will begin to scale back stimulus as early as next month continued to bolster the dollar, and the euro's gains faded.

As the New York session began, the dollar's strength against the euro was blunted by a report that showed U.S. producer prices were flat in July, pointing to very little inflationary pressure, which could add to worries at the Fed that inflation is running too low. The dollar fell against the yen.

"The recent weakness in the euro is not so much a function of any fundamental problem in the region but rather a reaction to the strengthening dollar as the market continues to price in the prospect of a taper (of Fed bond buying) in September," said Boris Schlossberg, managing director of foreign exchange at BK Asset Management in New York.

The euro was last little changed at $1.3257, off an earlier high of $1.3278. Traders cited stop-loss sell orders below $1.3230 and a break there could see it slip to $1.3155/85.

With stronger-than-expected growth in the currency bloc's largest economies, Germany and France, hauling the euro zone out of six consecutive quarters of contraction, analysts said a fragile recovery was probably taking hold.

The euro zone economy grew 0.3 percent, beating the 0.2 percent forecast of economists in a Reuters poll, but this failed to push the euro much higher than its level after the numbers from the two big economies were released.

"Today's improvements in second quarter, 2013 GDP across the board - French, German, and broader euro-zone figures all beat expectations - failed to produce a positive reaction in the euro despite the implications of a rebounding Europe," said Christopher Vecchio, currency analyst at DailyFX in New York. "Certainly, failure by the euro to appreciate on strong data may be a warning sign that further weakness is due."

With recovery in the euro zone still fragile and some of its peripheral economies still struggling, the European Central Bank is expected to keep rates at record lows for an extended period.

By contrast, expectations that the Fed will "taper" its monthly $85 billion in bond buying from September were gaining momentum.

Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said on Tuesday he could not rule out the Fed reducing stimulus from next month but added that U.S. economic performance was too mixed for the U.S. central bank to lay out a detailed plan.

The dollar was down and off Tuesday's one-week high against a basket of currencies, a high that was hit after upbeat U.S. retail sales data sent Treasury yields sharply higher. Ten-year Treasury yields last stood at 2.71 percent on Wednesday, just shy of July's 23-month high.

The dollar index edged down 0.07 percent to 81.712, having climbed more than 1 percent from its Aug. 8 trough.

Traders reported steady corporate demand for dollars and said further gains would hinge on upcoming U.S. data. Attention now shifts to Thursday's release of U.S. industrial production and consumer inflation reports.

Sterling rose 0.4 percent against the greenback to $1.5507, however, as market participants brought forward expectations of a Bank of England interest rate hike on improving UK data and a surprise division among policymakers over the bank's rate guidance. The pound is the best performing of the 36 most actively traded currencies against the dollar month-to-date with a 2.1 percent gain.

The dollar was down 0.1 percent at 98.10 yen and traders said a move above 98.50 looked difficult in the near term.

Markets Beckstage

Dow Jones Industrial Average 15337.66 -113.35 -0.73%
S&P 500 Index 1685.39 -8.77 -0.52%
Nasdaq Composite 3669.27 -15.16 -0.41%
Nasdaq 100 3129.44 -11.61 -0.37%
Russell 2000 1047.80 -4.18 -0.40%
Spot Gold 1341.71 21.56 1.63%
Crude Oil 107.15 0.66 0.62%
NYSE Overall Volume 2,903,259K n/a -4.36%
Nasdaq Overall Volume 1,622,363K n/a -1.29%
NYSE Breadth 1.57 : 1 negative
Nasdaq Breadth 1.27 : 1 negative
NYSE Breadth Ratio 38.87
Nasdaq Breadth Ratio 44.05
NYSE Advancers/Decliners -1062
Nasdaq Advancers/Decliners -422
NYSE Trin 0.75
Nasdaq Trin 0.89
$VIX 13.04 0.73

Market Outlook - S&P 500 Monthly, Weekly, and Daily bias.

MONTHLY - Bullish. Expansion of range made July bar large with a new all time high.

WEEKLY - Neutral to Bearish. Red bar's body inside of prior week's green bar.

DAILY - Neutral to Bearish. Down bar yesterday but still well within range. Value continues to overlap. Possible head and shoulders top forming on daily SPX.

Value Area High 1687.50 3137.25
Point of Control 1684.00 3132.75
Value Area Low 1682.50 3128.25
R3 1700.75 3156.58
R2 1697.00 3150.17
R1 1689.50 3136.83
Pivot 1685.75 3130.42
S1 1678.25 3117.08
S2 1674.50 3110.67
S3 1667.00 3097.33

ShadowTrader Sector Trend Scores

Twenty two of twenty five ShaddowTrader Sectors closed lower on Wednesday. The three sectors that ended higher were $DJUSSW, $DJUSCL, and GOX. Another broad based close lower by the broad market has a good chance of bringing in into oversold territory. BTK has closed lower seven consecutive days. Behind this, both UTY and XNG have closed lower four consecutive days.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SPY swing trade parameters

Good morning traders. Approximately 70% of individual stocks trade in the same direction as the broad market which is good enough reason to discuss it here. However, today's analysis of the S&P 500 Index (SPY) could also be viewed as its own swing trade setup. Please observe the chart below.

The bears have had two solid opportunities to push the market lower since mid-July, but failed to do so. Most recently, no "real" sellers showed up either Monday or Tuesday of this week when prices were at daily lows. As a result, anyone who did position short on either day ended up trapped (last two green price bars). This is the market clearly saying it wants higher. The parameters for a long broad market swing trade entry via SPY are noted on the chart above.

Combined Signal thinkScript (D)

I will update these with commentary as time permits. I am hopping on a redeye from LA to Daytona Beach, and I am scrambling to get everything ready to go. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Forex FlashBeck

Dollars & Cents

Equities dropped again to test the near-term support level seen over the past 2 weeks but were able to rally and close up slightly by the end of the day. The dollar continues to gain as bonds are being sold off again. The dollar strengthening could also be an indication of money leaving other countries and moving to the U.S. as a safe harbor.

The EUR/USD continues to move lower. As we commented yesterday, we expect a test of 1.31 and then potentially a move to 1.28 for a longer term horizontal support test. (see EUR/USD below)

The USD/CHF continues to move in our favor. We are watching for a small pull back to reset our stops and to watch for an opportunity to take profits on one of the contracts. We will continue to monitor this position. (see USD/CHF below)

The USD/CAD bounced today, creating a higher low. Combined with the lower high from last week, we are seeing continued consolidation. We are still going to watch for a buy limit potentially near 1.02 and a sell limit near 1.0450 or 1.610. (see USD/CAD below)

Market LookBeck

(Reuters) - U.S. Treasuries yields approached two-year highs and the dollar rallied broadly on Tuesday after a gauge of U.S. consumer spending rose at its fastest pace in seven months.

World equities markets edged higher. U.S. stocks rebounded after a Fed official said the economic picture is too mixed for the U.S. central bank to detail its exit strategy from massive stimulus. European shares hit 2-1/2-month highs after data pointed to an improving economic outlook across the euro region.

The benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note was down 29/32, its yield at 2.7244 percent. The rise in bond yields hurt dividend stocks like utilities, while homebuilding shares also underperformed because higher rates make mortgages less affordable.

Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said recent data does not present a clear picture of the economy, even as he did not rule out some kind of decrease next month in the current $85 billion monthly pace of bond buys.

U.S. retail sales outside of cars, gasoline and building materials rose 0.5 percent last month, the biggest gain since December. Overall retail sales rose 0.2 percent during the month, just below analysts' expectations.

Strong U.S. data will encourage the Federal Reserve to trim its purchases of bonds, perhaps as early as September. Such a move will boost U.S. bond yields and bolster the appeal of dollar-denominated assets.

"For the next five and a half weeks every U.S. statistic will be measured by its impact on the September 18th (Federal Open Market Committee) decision," said Joseph Trevisani, chief market strategist at WorldWideMarkets, in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. "By that standard today's number should keep the Fed on track to curtail quantitative easing purchases in September."

MSCI's all-country world index, a measure of 45 equity markets around the world, rose 0.3 percent.

The Dow Jones industrial average gained 35.17 points, or 0.23 percent, at 15,454.85. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index was up 4.32 points, or 0.26 percent, at 1,693.79. The Nasdaq Composite Index was up 15.22 points, or 0.41 percent, at 3,685.17.

The FTSEurofirst 300 rose 0.6 percent to 1,236.99, within sight of its 2013 peak at 1,258.09. The euro zone's blue-chip Euro STOXX 50 ended up 0.5 percent at 2,841.61 points.

A jump in Germany's ZEW economic sentiment survey dovetailed with a rise in euro zone industrial output and the fastest rise in UK house prices in seven years, bolstering a renewed sense of optimism in the region.

"It is not only Germany that is moving in the right direction," said Deutsche Bank economist Mark Wall. "There is a general improvement taking place in Europe and in the context of this being a debt crisis one shouldn't underestimate the importance of getting back to a position of growth... The $64,000 question is whether this is sustainable."

The dollar index, which measures the greenback versus a basket of six currencies, gained 0.6 percent to 81.787.

The euro fell 0.3 percent to $1.3257, while the dollar rallied 1.4 percent to 98.26 yen.

In Asia, Japanese shares jumped 2.6 percent and the yen fell after a media report that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is considering a cut in corporate taxes to counter the pain of a planned sales tax increase.

Brent crude oil rose toward $110 per barrel after oil exports from Libya fell to their lowest in two years, heightening supply worries ahead of scheduled cuts in output from fellow OPEC member Iraq.

Brent crude oil futures for September rose 60 cents to $109.57 per barrel, while U.S. light crude oil gained 48 cents at $106.59.

Spot gold fell to $1,322 an ounce, retreating from a three-week high as the dollar strengthened. A new hike in Indian import taxes also undermined sentiment.

Markets Beckstage

Dow Jones Industrial Average 15451.01 31.33 0.20%
S&P 500 Index 1694.16 4.69 0.28%
Nasdaq Composite 3684.44 14.49 0.39%
Nasdaq 100 3141.06 15.13 0.48%
Russell 2000 1051.99 -1.67 -0.16%
Spot Gold 1320.15 -16.72 -1.25%
Crude Oil 106.49 0.23 0.22%
NYSE Overall Volume 3,035,731K n/a 9.26%
Nasdaq Overall Volume 1,643,576K n/a 16.64%
NYSE Breadth 1.32 : 1 negative
Nasdaq Breadth 1.15 : 1 positive
NYSE Breadth Ratio 43.05
Nasdaq Breadth Ratio 53.55
NYSE Advancers/Decliners -564
Nasdaq Advancers/Decliners -20
NYSE Trin 0.91
Nasdaq Trin 0.85
$VIX 12.31 -0.5

S&P 500 Market Outlook

MONTHLY - Bullish. Expansion of range made July bar large with a new all time high.

WEEKLY - Neutral to Bearish. Red bar's body inside of prior week's green bar.

DAILY - Bullish to Neutral. Market continues to rebound off early liquidation breaks, but not yet out of balance.

Value Area High 1693.50 3147.50
Point of Control 1692.00 3140.50
Value Area Low 1684.50 3120.00
R3 1712.33 3198.33
R2 1703.42 3173.17
R1 1697.08 3155.08
Pivot 1688.17 3129.92
S1 1681.83 3111.83
S2 1672.92 3086.67
S3 1666.58 3068.58

ShadowTrader Sector Trend Scores

Our statistical tracking of the ShadowTrader Sector Trend Scores has triggered a short term bullish signal for the broad market as of Tuesday's close.

This indicator has been correct 56 of the last 78 signals as a predictor of a forthcoming short term move by the broad market. An indication is credited as being successful if within three trading days of the alert, the SPY closes above the closing price of the day the alert was triggered.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bill Williams Fractals thinkScript NOW Available

Above is the dWb__WilliamsFractals.ts that is now listed in the File Bank over at, on the Introduce page. For a primer on the trading signals associated with this indicator, stop by the dWbstreet YouTube Channel. There is over one hour of footage, between the multiple segments appropriated to this trader. If more information is needed beyond that, please contact us, as we have more upon request.

And remember, check back to the File Bank as often as you can: we will be adding new content regularly, in the forms of Combined Signal Trading Algorithms, as well as Scans, Strategies, & Watchlists with customized thinkScript programming.

Anne-Marie Baiynd SMI thinkScript NOW Available

A special thanks to bemajae from the thinkScript Lounge for this beauty, with contributions from Lar and Rick-Dracut as well. This indicator was shown by Anne-Marie Baiynd during her presentation at the recent Moneyshow E-Expo during the latter part of July--it is a Stochastic Momentum Index with color gradients and dynamic arrows at stochastic crossovers. Pick this one up at the File Bank on the Introduce page at

WoodiesCCI thinkScript NOW Available

Woodies CCI thinkScript Trading Algorithm (5 Studies) Available for Import

Over at, on the 'Introduce' page, there are several new indicators available for Import into thinkorSwim by TDAmeritrade. The current set is part of a Combined Signal Trading Algorithm (CSTA) developed with Woodies CCI as the foundation. Please check out the prior Youtube clip, 'Woodies CCI thinkScript Optimized,' that explains the nuts and bolts of the modified combination of studies. There will be more CSTA's added to the site in the near future-- for a complete list of available studies, strategies, scans, & watchlists, Please contact us through the same page where you find the thinkScript.

The ThinkorSwim Desktop application includes Woodies CCI & Woodies Pivots, as available studies, without charge. Through their proprietary programming language thinkScript, they even let the users call up the study to modify it to their heart's content; as such, with the help of some genuinely kind-hearted souls, were it not for whom so very graciously donated their time and effort, in the thinkScript Lounge, we were able to make this one of the most powerful studies on the platform. The AddLabel script allowed us to denote the distance in pips (or ticks) from the underlying's current price to a prior candle's High & Low; Entire Chart Range's High & Low; Woodies Pivot, R1, & S1. So at any time, I know exactly how many ticks price has to travel to reach the Pivot (or whatever level I am interested in).

Also available are WoodiesLSMA (Least Squares Moving Average) with Gradient Colors at crossover;
WoodiesCCI with customized colors for CCI & TCCI;
WoodiesPivots with ShowOnlyCurrentPeriod defaulted to ON;
Multiple versions of WoodiesHL Ticks & WoodiesPivots Ticks allowing for placement on upper or lower subgraph pre-configured;

The final mod was also using the AddLabel script. This time we called up the 34 period EMA (Exponential Moving Average), and asked the study to tell us the degree of slope on the moving average between the prior candle and the current one. So after a parabolic rise in price, the indicator may read 74* degrees as it begins to flatten out from a steep angle. This is absolutely, without question, and by far my favorite study, now. It offers such a wealth of information, that with it applied to my preferred chart layout of 2x8 (two rows of 8 charts), I have to open another instance of ThinkorSwim desktop to place my trades without data bottlenecks/slowdown.

Upper Graph
Magenta = Woodies Pivot Point, White = Distance in Ticks
Red = Woodies R1; White = Distance in Ticks
Green = Woodies S1; White = Distance in Ticks
Cyan = 34 Period EMA (exponential moving average) Slope* In Degrees

Lower SubGraph
Red H = 1 Candle Prior High; White = Distance in Ticks
Green L = 1 Candle Prior Low; White = Distance in Ticks
Red HH = Entire Chart Aggregation High; White = Distance in Ticks
Green LL = Entire Chart Aggregation Low; White = Distance in Ticks

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This Week Projections: Weekly & Daily

This Week

Weekly Projection:

Daily Guesstimate:

Last Week Projections: Weekly & Daily

Weekly Projection:
Daily Guesstimate:

Daily US Dollar index /DX

Daily US Dollar index /DX

30yr. US Treasury Yield--TYX

30yr. US Treasury Yield--TYX

20yr. US Treasury ETF--TLT

20yr. US Treasury ETF--TLT

Daily VIX

Daily VIX

SPY 30min Volume Spread Analysis VSA & POC

SPY 30min Volume Spread Analysis VSA / 5 day Volume by Price POC

SPY Hourly Volume Spread Analysis VSA & POC

SPY Hourly Volume Spread Analysis VSA / 10 day Volume by Price POC

SPY Daily Volume Spread Analysis VSA & POC

SPY Daily Volume Spread Analysis VSA / 3mo Volume by Price POC

SPX Pattern Targets

SPX Pattern Targets Updated

SPX Daily Bull Continuation Flag High n Tight

SPX Daily Bull Continuation Flag High n Tight

SPX Daily Measured Move Up

SPX Daily Measured Move Up

SPX Daily Ascending / Descending Triangle

SPX Daily Ascending / Descending Triangle - V Bottom / Top

SPX Daily Candlestick / Pattern Analysis

SPX Daily Candlestick / Pattern Analysis 

SPX Daily Fibonacci Extension Chart - Near Term

SPX Daily Fibonacci Extension Chart - Near-Term

SPX Daily 5/9/20 Day SMA

SPX Daily 5/9/20 Day SMA 

SPX Daily 20/50/200 Day SMA

SPX Daily 20/50/200 Day SMA

SPX Daily McClellan Oscillator

SPX Daily McClellan Oscillator

SPX Andrews Pitchfork

Andrews Pitchfork

SPX 3 year Regression Channel

SPX 3yr. Regression Channel

SPX Daily Near-Term Key Support / Resistances

SPX Daily Near-Term Key Support / Resistances