Friday, April 12, 2013

Time to Say Goodbye - Con te Partiro

'It was good while it lasted.'
'I'll miss you'
'I love you' eh, maybe over the top
'Head for the hills'
'The party's over'
'The herd is off to slaughter'

Pick your plug...

This is gonna be a nasty episode. Take advantage, at
Futures Options to save your life, your life -- Be aggressive now: you will not have a dollar, euro, rupee, krone, peso, dinar, franc, gold, or any form of currency for that matter, up to and including your banking institution.
Do not sit back and take this on for selfish pride or dismissive arrogance. I am not a talking head on TV, radio, or blog. I don't give financial advice. I am an engineer. I have studied up to the Chartered Market Technician. And this, this is pure, unadulterated, anecdotal science, ladies and gentleman. It is going to be worse than enduring consecutive Category Five Hurricanes. In reality a Category 8. The worse global calamity seen by mankind. You will not have a chance. It is written in every atom of DNA in the Universe. It has been part of your voyage from inception, some just through folly never realized. For those who do not see, It will devour.

We can improve your situation. Real help, give us a call. There are preparations that can be made. It will not be the end of the world for those whom have the knowledge of what can be done to stifle the 'bots.' They will help those who let them. Remember, we have intentionally taken emotion out of financial markets. A supercomputer mainframe (simply a machine with parts) does not think about your 'cost of living,' for example. It is very simply, a very complex system, of 0's and 1's, Boolean algebra law, true's and false's;  a set of rules for symbolic manipulation is needed in order to solve for the unknowns. You cannot compete with them without the proper knowledge. Again, we can assist. And more, we do not intend to compete at all times. These systems know 'The Art of War,' we designed them. You need nothing more than provide us with a method of contact. We will find your appropriate solution, now.

Kind regards,
Daniel Beck
My plug, 'Before it is too late'