Saturday, March 30, 2013

'Fibonaccially' Fan Forecasted All-Time High Close

This Fibonacci Fan was anchored at the low, 1535. From this point it was drawn out one day (notice the white dashed lines overlapping the black tangent into the first day), so that the lows were contained by the .618 Phi tangent. This technique is based on the same mindset that is used in drawing Fibonacci Retracements. If one is familiar with how Fibonacci Fans are produced, it would be the next logical step, that an ultimate target would lie down the line (The way the .382, .5,  & .618 tangents are created off of the zero tangent is described in an Education/ Drawing Tool video at But to stay on topic, notice that not only did the trading completely mirror the zero tangent line, spending almost identical amounts of time above and below it--it ulimately accurately produced the closing price on three of the next four days!@! This is no coincidence. Mathematics are undeniable Laws of the Universe. This can be summed up to a child as simply as a vibration, or a ripple in a pond where the rock skipped. The bigger the rock, and the higher it's dropped (or thrown, indicating even more acceleration) from, the larger and larger, exponentially, or 'Fibonaccially' the ripple/wave!!@@!!!!@@!!