Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fibonacci Ticks 233-6765

The median of Price closed yesterday under the a displaced moving average of its' Median around 1546 (not shown), so I had a strong tendency to the short side. As soon as price failed at the Value Area High (chart to follow, dbShadowTrader Quad), then a second failure at the Value Area Low, it was all she wrote. Three well timed and easily visible waves made trading put options on the underlying pretty easy. I closed each trade at the first sign of green on Elder (as a stop-loss) I was actually able to get out near the maximum down tick on each move with the aid of these indicators. The Ergodic showed divergence with price on the last wave and it was time to get out of the short trades for the day. A fib fan from the highs two days ago pointed to almost the exact low as well. I traded a call from the bottom to finish my trades for the day and closed it out before the end of NY pit hours.