Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fibonacci Ticks 233-6765

Paint bars Elder Impulse. Green Indicates Increasing 5/34/5 MACD & Price Greater Than 13 Period EMA. Red Indicates Decreasing 5/34/5 MACD & Price Less Than 13 Period EMA. Blue Indicates Opposing Conditions. Persons PPS (No Plot Lines) Cyan Up Arrow PPS Buy. Yellow Down Arrow PPS Sell. Double Moving Average 60/110. Double Stochastic Extremes Paints Dots. Ergodic Oscillator White Accelerating; Magenta Decelerating. Volume Hull MA 5 & 55. 

233 Ticks = Price Opens below Double MA's (Moving Averages), extreme negative reading Double Stochatics and Ergodic Oscillator Below zero. Price Above Double MA's 10:30-1:30pm, extreme positive Double Stochastics and Ergodic Oscillator above zero. Price rangebound between these levels 1:30-4:15pm with Studies rangebound also.