Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fibonacci Ticks 233-6765 TTM

A TTM Squeeze fired a buy signal at the open on the 233 Tick chart. The fractal nature of this Futures product was clearly apparent, as Squeezes fired in succession from the Low Tick charts, to the Intermediate Tick charts, to the Long Tick charts. As the buy signal on the 233 began to turn from Cyan to Blue, the 377 began to fire its' buy signal. Then as the 377 began to turn to Blue, the 610 began to fire a Buy signal. This pattern continued all the way to the 6765 Tick, where the largest move was seen, that ultimately took prices to the highs of the day and eclipsed the All-Time closing High. The trades were so mechanical, it felt like taking candy: The A Waves were consistently above zero and inclining while the C Waves were rising from below or gaining momentum above the zero level. I wish every day's trading was this predicable. I called these trades out one after another on the Live YouTube DayTrade feed ( It is also of note, the William's Alligator Jaw provided the most consistent entries for each of these trades, on each of the respective Tick levels Squeeze Signals.