Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fibonacci Ticks 233-6765 TTM

This is an offering by John Carter of Trade The Markets. His TTM indicators are included for all ThinkorSwim users. Also on the charts is William's Alligator. This indicator plots moving averages of median price displaced into the future. They confirmed my earlier view about median price closing under 1546 yesterday, leading me to a bearish leaning to start the morning. There was some firing of the squeeze indicator later in the day, when the Bollinger Bands fell inside the Keltner Channels. Obviously, many folks expected new lows to burst out of the coiling action; when price failed to set new lows bears ran for cover. There is a lot of tie in between the charts I use here. The short covering here took price on point to the exact Value Area Low in the dbShadowTrader Quad charts. It is a reassuring feeling when there is a confluence of indicators!