Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dollars & Cents

Dollars & Cents

U.S. equities shot higher and once again created all-time highs for the Dow and S&P 500. Talk of reigning in quantitative easing is gaining traction which has such has helped the dollar gain strength and created a bit of bearishness in the bond market.

The EUR/USD continued to slide as the week rounded out with several poor GDP reports from European countries while the U.S. looks to scale back its bond buying program, both of which create more bearishness for the pair. (see EUR/USD below)

The USD/HKD had a slight retracement going into the weekend but nothing that is of concern. We are watching for short term resistance to be broken at 7.7640 which will pave the way for our target of 7.7820 to be hit. (see USD/HKD below)

The AUD/USD has been falling out of the sky will little to no resistance to the downside. Price is quickly approaching support at .9600 where we will look to set a buy limit. (see AUD/USD below)

The AUD/CAD experienced a decent amount of volatility Friday which pushed price near our second by limit at .9933. In the end the lower entry was not triggered and price rallied to close to pips below our entry at parity. Since price has not fully rallied we will maintain the buy limit order at .9933. (see AUD/CAD below)